I love to walk. I love to search for all the things I have not yet seen and verify that they exist, to know that they aren’t just in my imagination, that they also occupy a physical space. I need to get close to things, to touch with my hands what my eyes see from afar. I like to fix my gaze on all those details that tend to pass by unnoticed. Silence does not disturb me. I am not bored while waiting for the light to change so I can take a better picture. It is no discomfort to arrive at a place before dawn if I believe that the first rays of daylight might create a special atmosphere. I have no problem with sitting for a long while just listening to how the waves crash against a cliff if this helps me to reflect a specific atmosphere in an image.

One time, I read that a nice photograph may be liked, but that a sublime photograph can move people. In reality, I don’t aspire to taking sublime photographs, although I would love to, but this sentence always reminds me that with just a little more effort and a little more observation and sensitivity, I can capture part of the energy that a place conveys to me, the special characteristics which make it different from the rest, the distinctive features that caused it to be there and that made me choose it.

I have to acknowledge my weakness for somewhat isolated places, unassertive places, those places that don’t reveal their grandeur freely, that demand a physical and mental effort from you to seek them out, that don’t give you anything unless you make that effort. Every time I go travelling I try never to lose that infinite passion for those little details, for the reflections, for the movement of water, for the whimsical rocks and for those ephemeral moments that, if missed, will never return. And that is how I work. I want to show the places I visit that I am worthy of capturing their charms, that I don’t give up easily and that if something more exciting exists around the corner, it’s just a case of finding it. If there is anything more exciting than taking the photo you hoped for, it is the action of taking the path that has led you to that point.

I expect I take photographs because I could only transmit the things I want to tell through them. I would not know how to express these experiences, these sensations or pleasures in another way. The interpretation that each person makes of the images that I capture is not in my hands. But I can attempt to capture their interest, hope that I can hold their attention and feelings for a few seconds and pass on to those spectators the complicity, melancholy, or the happiness that the place transmitted to me during the time I spent there.

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