Passionate by the unharmed nature, creative photography lover and tireless traveller, Miguel Puche (Madrid, Spain) avoids the compulsive photography, the easy shot, defending the idea of what so ever the time we need to get the photo, it always will be much better to make a different and unique photography than twenty of them similar and predicable.


After several qualified experiences at world of the visual communication, he started to travel throughout different countries trying to find anonym spots that reflect the essence of the landscape as an artistic role, making the spectator forget his reaction of interest in the techniques used and the places photographed. He became a member of the prestigious collective Portfolio Natural ( and some of his works such as Natural Whims, Utopian Vision and Fabrics of Time have appeared in many well-known photography magazines like B&W, FV, Iris, Camera Natura, Outdoor Photography and Color.


Miguel’s images are shot on film with a Hasselblad 500C/M medium format camera and developed using traditional lab methods. No photoshop post-processing techniques are used to achieve effects. With the aim of avoiding unnecessary damage and respecting the necessity of conserving our natural spaces, no natural element has been altered or damaged in the taking of the photographs. Respecting the people and organisms that live or work in the natural environment, all necessary permits have been obtained wherever required, complying with the valid ethical guidelines and rules of nature conservation of each country or place visited.

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